A smartphone, high-quality headphones and the Schallpause app are all you need.


Perfect to increase performance and for better regeneration.

Frequency modulated music is excellent to support the body in specific situations. To fall asleep, to come down and deenergize after a stressful situation or for the preparation of a high-performance requirement, Schallpause helps you through a targeted frequency modulated music.
These specially developed frequency modulated music programs can be used anytime, anywhere.* The Schallpause-Team, consisting of regeneration experts, musicians, and doctors, created a new unique app with three programs that can support your body when needed into the intended direction. With regular application, it supports a training effect that always lets the Schallpause user regenerate more effective.

'Privately, I use Schallpause and recommend it to patients. With peace of conscience, I also can recommend it to you because I have evidence about the positive impact on blood pressure and sleep quality. I’m using it privately because I simply feel better.'

– Priv. Lecturer MD Felix Post
Chief Physician internal medicine / cardiology
Catholic Hospital Koblenz

Dr. Felix Post empfiehlt Schallpause zum Schlaf

Frequent regeneration is the foundation of sustainable high performance - Schallpause effectively assists you.


Schallpause is a regeneration program with specific neuronal functionality. Therefore, frequent listening is important. Repeatedly listening will increase the success of the individual processes. For a sustainable learning effect, we recommend listening to Schallpause for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes repeatedly during the week – Several times throughout the day are ok as well.
The therapeutic purpose is produced through a variety of sound shifts, sound modulations and other technical effects. That’s why some passages sound very strange at first, and may even be disturbing and new at times. The following techniques are used:

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    Polyvagal Theory

    Targeted frequency modulations stimulate the two middle ear muscles “Tensor Tympani Muscle” and “Musculus Stapedius”. This leads via connected nerve pathways to the activation of the ventral para sympathetic nervous system supporting the regeneration of the body.

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    Sinus Tones

    Sinus tones, which – based on cyclic rotation-frequencies – transposes in the auditory range, have a positive effect on the human organism and the mood.

  • Microtonal tone steps

    The use of intermediate tones is used in many music cultures (e.g. India, Indonesia, Arabia). They are harmonizing and – when used correctly – have a balancing effect on our Nervous system.

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    Binaural & Monaural Beats

    Simultaneous stimulation of both ears with the exact same tones (monaural) or with minimal different frequencies (binaural) stimulate areas in the brain or between the hemispheres of the brain which reduces stress and helps to relax.


Podcast ‘Der Atemcode‘.
Calm and authority in the stress hell of a professional handball game – Robert Schulze and Jürgen Boss. LINK


“During our many years of clinical work as orthopaedic surgeons / trauma surgeons at the university hospital and as sports doctors, we were able to experience first-hand what it is like to feel stress in life and at work and to continue to build up tension day after day.

In the founding phase of our new orthopaedic – sports medicine practice, we thought intensively about what relaxing measures we would like to use in the future to meet our already stressed patients and what contribution we could make to relieve their stress during a visit to our practice.

Whether for young or old people, we know from experience that even with orthopaedic clinical pictures, in addition to structural and neuromuscular healing, mental regeneration and rehabilitation play an incredibly important role. The “feedback” from our patients is extremely positive and thus underlines the necessity to deal more intensively with this topic. Therefore, after a test phase, we have firmly integrated the “Schallpause” into our practice procedures and use it after therapeutic measures on the joints and spine as well as in the follow-up treatment of operated clinical pictures.

Dr. med. Philipp Appelmann & PD Dr. med. Stefan Mattyasovszky

Team doctors of 1. FSV Mainz 05 and partner and founder of GALENOS



Matching playlists for every situation.

Sound break offers three different, frequency-modulated music programs for different applications:


Schallpause SLEEP is the optimal support before going to sleep – activates the parasympathetic nervous system.


Schallpause REGENERATION was developed to specifically calm down – improves regeneration.


Schallpause ENERGY increases presence and concentration in challenging situations – activates the sympathetic nervous system.


For whom does Schallpause make sense?


Maximum performance over a longer period of time, which only works with optimal regeneration.



Faster and better regeneration and perfect preparation for the competition.



Highly stressed workers, especially in shifts, benefit from better sleep.



The improved therapeutic effects were demonstrated, based on heart rate variability, in medical examinations.



Children are calmer and sleep much better.



Schallpause helps all those who are stressed and under a heavy work load.

A new strategy helps top performers facing acute burnout. The special thing is that stabilization takes place directly in everyday working life under real-life conditions and not in the closed world of a clinic. Parallel to the medical-therapeutic treatment, an experienced executive coach accompanies the clients and works with them to develop specific ways of managing future stressful situations efficiently. Ideally, the people concerned can continue to work throughout the entire process.

Are you ready for your comeback?

Injured ? In poor form ? Drastic changes?

There are many reasons why you can’t perform at 100%. If you want too much too quickly, you block yourself. The path back to peak performance begins in the mind and body. Individual solutions are needed here. Solutions that generate momentum in just a few days. Our experts work hand in hand and accompany you with passion, mind and spirit!

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