Your smartphone, high quality headphones and the Schallpause app is all you need.


Perfect to increase performance and for better regeneration.

Frequency modulated music is excellent to support the body in specific situations. To fall asleep, to come down and deenergize after a stressful situation or for the preparation of a high-performance requirement, Schallpause helps you through a targeted frequency modulated music.

These specially developed frequency modulated music programs can be used anytime, anywhere.* The Schallpause-Team, consisting of regeneration experts, musicians, and doctors, created a new unique app with three programs that can support your body when needed into the intended direction. With regular application, it supports a training effect that always lets the Schallpause user regenerate more effective.

'Privately, I use Schallpause and recommend it to patients. With peace of conscience, I also can recommend it to you because I have evidence about the positive impact on blood pressure and sleep quality. I’m using it privately because I simply feel better.'

– Priv. Lecturer MD Felix Post
Chief Physician internal medicine / cardiology
Catholic Hospital Koblenz

Frequent regeneration is the foundation of sustainable high performance - Schallpause effectively assists you.


Schallpause is a regeneration program with specific neuronal functionality. Therefore, frequent listening is important. Repeatedly listening will increase the success of the individual processes. For a sustainable learning effect, we recommend listening to Schallpause for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes repeatedly during the week – Several times throughout the day are ok as well.
The therapeutic purpose is produced through a variety of sound shifts, sound modulations and other technical effects. That’s why some passages sound very strange at first, and may even be disturbing and new at times. The following techniques are used:

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    Polyvagal Theory

    Targeted frequency modulations stimulate the two middle ear muscles “Tensor Tympani Muscle” and “Musculus Stapedius”. This leads via connected nerve pathways to the activation of the ventral para sympathetic nervous system supporting the regeneration of the body.

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    Sinus Tones

    Sinus tones, which – based on cyclic rotation-frequencies – transposes in the auditory range, have a positive effect on the human organism and the mood.

  • Microtonal tone steps

    The use of intermediate tones is used in many music cultures (e.g. India, Indonesia, Arabia). They are harmonizing and – when used correctly – have a balancing effect on our Nervous system.

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    Binaural & Monaural Beats

    Simultaneous stimulation of both ears with the exact same tones (monaural) or with minimal different frequencies (binaural) stimulate areas in the brain or between the hemispheres of the brain which reduces stress and helps to relax.



Matching playlists for every situation.

Schallpause offers three different, frequency-modulated music programs for different applications:


Schallpause ENERGIE increases the presence and concentration and is ideal against challenging situations – activates the sympathetic nervous system.


EARTHDAY Original length 20:00 min


INVITED Original length 06:40 min


MOMENTUM Original length 03:51 min


Schallpause REGENERATION has been specially designed to calm down and recover during the day – improving regeneration.


GENTLE Original length 15:39 min


I NNER SUN Original length 15:00 min


R EGENERATIO PIANO Original length 16:05 min


Schallpause SLEEP is the optimal support before falling asleep – activating the parasympathetic nervous system.


CURE Original length 24:39 min


INDIA CAMPFIRE Original length 15:03 min


SEASIDE Original length 26:45 min


For whom does Schallpause make sense?


Maximum performance over a longer period of time, which only works with optimal regeneration.



Faster and better regeneration and perfect preparation for the competition.



Highly stressed workers, especially in shifts, benefit from better sleep.



The improved therapeutic effects were demonstrated, based on heart rate variability, in medical examinations.



Children are calmer and sleep much better.



Schallpause helps all those who are stressed and under a heavy work load.


The heads behind Schallpause


Supports business projects, managers, and professionals in sports successful in achieving their goals. The focal point in the past years became the approach of regeneration from the neuroscience.


is regeneration and martial arts expert, a link between business, sports, cultures, and music. As a specialist in human experience medicine, he is always on the lookout for holistic approaches.


As a professional musician and music producer, he gained his experience working with famous musicians such as the Söhne Mannheims. He combines frequency modulation and music, and above all, the effects of his productions for the Schallpause project.


Intensively engages for 15 years, in researching and to scientifically prove the effect of frequency modulated music on people.


How to use Schallpause

There are two ways you can use Schallpause. As a complete hardware package or as an app for your smartphone.

38for 1 Month
  • Access to
    Schallpause APP
    with 3 Programs
  • 1
  • Month
  • Total Price
  • 38,- Euro
  • incl. 19% VAT
    Monthly cancellation possible
28per Month
  • Access to
    Schallpause APP
    with 3 Programs
  • 12
  • Month
  • Total Price
  • 336,- Euro
  • incl. 19% VAT
    Yearly cancellation possible
    Monthly payment 28 €
On demand
  • We offer tailored, special solutions for companies, federations and clubs. Please contact us!

Note: The 1-month subscription is extended automatically after expiration. You can cancel the subscription at any time in your account under Subscriptions.


Schallpause is now also available as an app for Apple iPhones * . The app can initially be downloaded for free in the AppStore, the activation of the Schallpause music is via a monthly subscription.

You get access to a constantly updated and growing music program with the latest compositions, divided into the three categories ENERGY, REGENERATION and SLEEP.

How it works:

1. Purchase subscription here on the site and receive the registration information by email.
2. Install the Schallpause app, log in and get started.

App store Schallpause



* Important: The Schallpause app is currently ONLY available for Apple iPhone. An Android version is in preparation.

Schallpause installation



The Schallpause hardware package consists of a high-end audioplayer, a high-quality headphone and a pre-installed package of frequency-modulated music, divided into the three categories ENERGY, REGENERATION and SLEEP.

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