What do I need to use the Schallpause app?

An iPhone, iPad, or iPod with 1GB of free space

Is it possible to test a break before purchasing?

In individual cases, you can test for 2 weeks and then switch to a subscription before the end of the trial period.

Is Schallpause also suitable for children?

In children, we notice the same effects of reducing stress and improving sleep.

Do I have to pay attention to certain health restrictions?

For epilepsy or similar diagnoses, please consult your doctor before using Schallpause.

What is the difference between the app and the hardware system?

There is no difference in contents and effect. The hardware system is mainly for therapists.

Does Schallpause has an effect on me?

In principle, every human being responds to frequency-modulated music. It just depends on how regularly you use Schallpause for achieving a brain learning effect.

Use of Schallpause

How often should one hear a sound break?

You should listen for 20 minutes every other day.

How long can I listen?

It is important to avoid fatigue of the specifically required ear muscles. No longer than about 60 minutes at a time and no longer than about 90 minutes per day.

Is it allowed to do something else while listening to Schallpause?

Yes, you are allowed to read, write, cook, and go for a walk but nothing strenuous and exciting. The pulse should be below 100 beats/min.

Do I have to lie down in bed for the Sleep program?

No, you can listen to Schallpause in the evening up to 3-4 hours before bedtime.

How loud do I have to listen to Schallpause?

Run it quietly in the background. You also do not have to concentrate on the music.

Is it possible to listen to Schallpause off-line?

Yes, prior you should have opened the app, then you can listen without being connected to the Internet.

Is it possible to listen to Schallpause while walking?

Yes, as long as your heart rate is below 100 bpm.

Can I listen to Schallpause in flight mode?

Yes, prior you should have opened the app, then you can listen without being connected to the internet. We recommend it because it will not distract you.

Do you have to listen to Schallpause every day?

Since it is a program with targeted neuronal functionality, regular listening is very important. In the repetition lies the success that sets processes in motion. For a sustainable learning effect, we recommend listening, several times a week and even several times a day, to Schallpause for at least 20 minutes.

Can I or do I have to listen to the compositions from the SLEEP category every night before bedtime?

If you have problems falling asleep, you should regularly use compositions from the SLEEP category. However, if you want to hear something different, you can also use the music from the REGENERATION category.

Is it enough to listen to my favorite song occasionally?

Occasionally, you should change to other compositions, as the therapeutic effect is more effective with the different frequency modulations.

Access and registration

How can I get the Schallpause app?

Download the Schallpause app to your iOS device from the AppStore! The app is free of charge – then buy the access datas in our shop.

How do I get my access data for the app?

You will receive your access data via mail after you have purchased access in our webshop. With this data, you log in to the app’s launch window.

I have lost my credentials or password, what can I do?

Use the “password-forgotten” feature in the app or contact

How do I pay for my subscription?

You can pay directly thru the web shop via PayPal or credit card.

Does the subscription extend automatically or do I have to cancel it?

Your subscription gives you unrestricted access to very effective music for the period of your subscription.Your monthly subscription renews automatically – you don’t need to do anything. If you want to cancel, you can do it conveniently in your account. For the monthly term before the end of the monthly period. The 12 months term subscription ends automatically after the 12 months.

Questions about hardware and technology

What are the requirements for the headphones?

Ideal are over-ear headphones with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz for full use of the effect. On our homepage, we recommend suitable headphones.

Can I listen to Schallpause with my ANC (active-noise-control) headset?

Yes, but you should disable the active noise reduction for the best effect.

What are the requirements for the iPhone?

Applicable iPhones are iPhone 6 with iOS 11 or higher and 1 GB of free space.

Can I listen to Schallpause with Apple in-ear headphones?

You can listen to Schallpause with the included Apple Ear pods, but we strongly recommend using over-ear headphones to receive the full therapy effect.

How much data is used while listening?

The Schallpause app does not stream data (compared to other providers).

How can I get new music?

The app through the regular updates. The hardware by replacing the hardware.

Questions about the music

Will I like the music?

This is irrelevant because the music was composed and produced for maximum effect for regeneration. Important are the frequencies, not the music.

The music sounds strange in places - is that normal?

The effect of this music is not only in the audible sounds, but especially in the indirectly audible frequency modulated oscillations.

Is there also new music?

The spectrum continues to grow – with the help of doctors and scientists, we continually research and develop new music.